Meetings & Conferences

In a world that is rapidly becoming more virtual, conferences are a vital way to maintain and develop authentic business and career enhancing connections.  MMI has three goals when creating meetings & conference: increase interest in attendance, encourage participants to stay, and make the greatest possible impact on your audience.

Receptions & Celebrations 

​MMI knows the importance of entertaining so allow us to handle the planning process so you can enjoy your event.  We design receptions & celebrations that engage the attendees,  promote networking and collaboration, and increase employee morale.

Symposiums & Tradeshows

We are experts at designing symposiums & trade shows that help your organization achieve their goal. We develop timelines and budgets outlining every aspect of the trade show & symposiums (e.g., dates, location, booth orders, registration fees, staff traveling, designated exhibit structures, etc.) and then we precisely manage every detail, ensuring there are no surprises.

Team Building, Outings, & Experiences

Our programs are designed to foster connection amongst guests while expressing client brand values so everyone is engaged ​with the company as well as each other.

Diane Fulton

​The funny one

Shelly O'Neill

Event Planner 
The outgoing introvert

Beth Rehberger

The organization queen

 Conference IT Manager
The free-spirit techie

Lizzy Gaona

Marketing & Design
The travel addict